Talk is cheap … so is a call, an e-mail or a text.

The first quarter of 2011 is going by fast! Time flies, and 2011 is looking to be an excellent year for the hospitality industry.

One of the things I take pride in is great communication with the candidates I currently have in the hiring and, or job interview process. I also do the same for my clients, and expect great communication from them as well.

We are all busy, I get that. None of us, and I do mean no one is beyond common courtesy when it comes to follow-up and replies to e-mails, calls or text messages.

We at Gecko will keep the ball rolling for you. We will keep you top of mind with our clients once we get you screened and sent to our clients. Now, sometimes, we quickly get a “TBNT” after we have presented you – “thanks but no thanks”. We will tell you that as a candidate quickly, and we will try to get you in front of another client for another job order. You will hear from us. We will tell you what is going on. One of the first things I tell a new candidate that we take on is please provide us with open and timely communication during the entire process.

If and when we start the process for you, please check your e-mail often, listen to that voicemail, or read that text message. Our clients often have very short deadlines, and need to hear back from us [Gecko and the candidate] in a prompt and timely manner. Letting two to three days pass to return one of our communications is not acceptable. Often, that job order may get filled during this void time of communication. Did we let one get away, maybe.

As of late, we have tried to send a quick update, request, or encouragement to our candidates via a text message. It is a quick and easy way to get you these updates, and it has become highly successful. Let us know early on if this is your preferred way of communicating, and we will make it happen.

A few words advice in the area of e-mail, phone numbers, and texting.

1.       Get a simple and easy to understand e-mail address for your resume, and job search. Having something like is not the best first impression we can offer our clients, and your potential new employer. Keep it simple – something like, or

2.       Please avoid sending your resume from your current employers e-mail address. Always send your information from a private e-mail account. You might be surprised how many IT folks read your e-mails, and may very well have filters in place to look for this type of use on their network.

3.       Same goes for your company phone for texts, and calls. Please use your personal phone as a best practice.

Most of you have unlimited e-mail, text, and calling plans these days. Use that technology to your advantage, and use it in a timely and wise manner. Send us your resume and references today. You will not be disappointed! Thank you, and good luck!

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