Take your resume offline, and stop applying for every job you see.

I have been working on some great searches the past few weeks, and have come across an interesting pattern.

The companies I work with do not want resumes from candidates that are on career boards and job sites. That is such a different expectation from what most of you understand. They want to see and hear about great industry leaders that are not on these job sites. They want to have me present fresh and intriguing candidates.  Candidates they and their competitors have not seen.

Every employer has access to these sites. It has been heard that some employers are regularly viewing these sites not so much for new talent, but to see who on their current team may be “out looking for a job”.  Be very careful!

Another interesting phenomenon as of late is that if candidates are on an employer’s site posting for jobs, and they want to delete that online profile, they cannot in some cases. So, once you apply, you are in their tracking system indefinitely. What does that matter you say, well just this week I had some great candidates I wanted to take before a client for some great positions, but because they had already applied into the company’s database, they could not be presented. Could they still be reviewed by that client and hired, sure. But, your resume is in a huge and burgeoning system with thousands of other candidates. You are just a name and number. It will be very hard for you to get noticed, it at all.

However, if you use our services [never a fee to you], you will have a Gecko professional be your advocate in front of these companies. We take your resume right to the decision maker. These decision makers are taking our candidates and our word that these candidates are high quality industry leaders. We at Gecko have done our homework, and present you in a great light. We get through all the “noise” and to the top.

Give it a try, take you resume offline, stop applying to every little opening you see, and send us your resume today. You will not regret it.

Kevin Kalstad — Gecko Hospitality


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