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Signs the Hotel Recovery is Real

Couple weeks ago, I stayed at my usual San Francisco haunt.  My previous visit was in February, so not a lot of time had passed. Yet when I walked in, I could tell things were different.  Better.  Relieved. Sure, my room rate was a lot higher than what I’d become accustomed to.  During the past […]

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Attention Chefs: A New Guideline for Cooking Meat

According to CNN, the U.S. Department of Agriculture just released a new guideline for cooking meat. Chefs need to remember three temperatures: 145 °F (62.78 °C), 160 °F (71.11 °C), and 165 °F (73.89 °C). That is:  145 °F for whole cuts of meat, such as pork, steak, roasts, and chops. Pork had to be cooked […]

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How People Search For Travel

What the Cornell study shows is that people spend an enormous amount of time researching hotels, performing as many as 150 searches or visiting travel-related sites in excess of 50 times. That’s probably more time than most teenagers spend on Facebook in a week.

And if you focus only on the OTAs, the average consumer makes 12 visits, searches through nearly eight pages each time and spends an hour looking through 90 pages of content.

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Social Media and Job Search III

We have covered the topic of using social media in job search before. Today, however, I would like to bring up this “old” topic again by sharing another ABC News video with you; I am going to highlight three “new” suggestions. First, a LinkedIn profile could be more important than a resume. Many recruiters may feel […]

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“30 Under 30” by Zagat

Last month, I shared a Fox News video, in which Tim Zagat, the Co-Founder & CEO of Zagat Survey, discussed why it is not a good time to open a restaurant. Today’s discussion is also inspired by an interview of Tim Zagat. In this ABC News video, Tim once again informed us how difficult it […]

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