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China’s Exploding Tourism Economy: Three Examples

Few things demonstrate the rapid rate of modernization and postmodern tourism consumption in China as does the rise in tourism activity and the country’s tourism economy. I just returned from a couple of weeks in China attending a conference, a field trip and giving some guest lectures at a university.   The trip took me to […]

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Snore Patrol: An Innovation of the Crowne Plaza Hotels

Have you ever had any bad experience of your hotel stay because your next-door “neighbors” made too much noise or just could not stop snoring? According to an ABC News video, the Crowne Plaza Hotels are testing out “snore-absorption rooms” in selected European and Middle Eastern properties. In addition to special amenities, such as sound-proof walls, […]

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Blending In and Cashing Out

The secret of Karen Carrier, a successful restaurant entrepreneur, is to blend her talent of fine arts and culinary experience in her business. As shown in this CNN News video, she turned several old historic buildings into “theme” restaurants and made the best out of the places. In the old times, business developers might have […]

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