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What Can We Do to Stop the Spread of Fake Reviews?

Recently, I had a phone conversation with David Streitfeld at The New York Times. We shared our opinions about fake online reviews. He later published a report entitled “In a Race to Out-Rave, 5-Star Web Reviews Go for $5” and cited some of my comments. After reading David’s news article, I can’t help asking myself […]

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The Perils of Marketing on Price

As the Great Recession lingers and talk about a double dip intensifies, it seems appropriate to focus on the perils of marketing on price.

It is a topic discussed often over the past four years and continues to be a hot topic today.

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NFC (Near Field Communication): Another Buzzword for Mobile Technology

If you like sports, you will probably refer to NFC as “National Football Conference.” Do you know that NFC also stands for “Near Field Communication”? According to the ABC News video, NFC is another “buzzword” for mobile technology. As a matter of fact, “Near Field Communication” tops “National Football Conference” in Google Search as the No. 1 […]

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What We Wear Matters!

I am a firm believer that what we wear and how we handle ourselves matter in many occasions. I even talked about the importance of dressing business attire at work (also business casual during the summer). I, however, must confess that I feel somewhat surprised when reading George Hobica’s discussion on USA Today. According to George, […]

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Is Your Hotel Prepared for Google+?

Amazing! Spectacular! Unprecedented! Phenomenal! All words used to describe the meteoric rise in the number of registered users of Google+, the new social media service from your friends at the Internet’s #1 search engine. In fact, in a little over two weeks Google+ reached 10 million registered users – a feat that took Twitter and […]

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Entrepreneurship and the Foodservice Industry

I wonder why the foodservice or restaurant industry ties so much with entrepreneurship. There is certainly a demand in the market for good food — we live, we breathe, and we eat. Another contributing factor is that restaurant or foodservice industry, as compared to other service or IT firms, usually has smaller business threshold. This […]

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