Archive | December, 2011

Can Your Hotel Afford to Ignore Google+?

Earlier this summer when Google launched Google+, its social networking site, it was only open to individuals. Last month Google+ announced it was available to businesses and brands are beginning to embrace it. Why? Right now it appears as though it is primarily a defensive move.

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Topophilia and Emotional Geographies in Tourism Destinations

Topophilia is “the feeling of affection which individuals have for particular places” (Tuan, 1961). The term was first coined in 1947 by the American poet, W.H. Auden, and became popularized, at least among academic geographers, by Yi-Fu Tuan’s book, Topophilia: a study of environmental perception, attitudes, and values, which was published in 1974 (Prentice-Hall). Recent […]

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Strategies for Responding to Online Reviews

Voyager’s World — an “India’s premier Travel and Tourism monthly” — featured my comments about online reviews in its cover story of this month’s issue. I believe that no business can ignore online reviews anymore. It would be too late to fix a problem if a business has been labeled in the “worst list” of […]

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