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“SoLoMo” and Legislation

The “SoLoMo” (Social, Local, and Mobile) movement has great impact on consumer behavior and business operations. Now than ever before, more consumers are using mobile payments. According to a recent report @USAToday, the number of mobile payment users is expected to surge from 160.5 million in 2011 to 212.2 million in 2012, a 32% increase; likewise, the […]

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Creative Resilience: The Next Sustainability for Tourism?

by Alan A. Lew – this is a brief summary of a much longer paper that I am working on ‘Sustainable development’ has really only been around as a popular conceptual framework since the World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED) issued its report to the United Nations in 1987 (Hall & Lew, 2009). Also […]

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Jamaica Inn Uses Social Media to Launch New Website

Recognized as Jamaica’s leading hotel, Jamaica Inn is launching its new website using a unique two-pronged social media promotion. Themed “Wish You Were Here” the promotion asks travelers to Tweet, pin, post or share a photo from the Jamaica Inn website through their respective social media channels for a chance to win one of two […]

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