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How Much Does “Popularity” Cost on Social Networking Sites?

Money cannot buy us true friendship in the real life, but can we buy fans or followers on social networking sites? Absolutely, and the price might be cheaper than expected. Eric Steuer reported the following price tags in Wired Magazine: Facebook: 500 likes for $30 or 20,000 for $699 on Twitter: 1,000 followers for […]

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Why counter-offers are rarely prudent

Counter-Offers Are a Sucker’s Play By Kris Dunn · 03.15.2013 Retention is important for organizations. Paying substantially more for the talent that’s currently sitting in your office is a total sucker’s play. Don’t confuse the two. Let’s break this down a little bit. You found that diamond in the rough. You hired them, nurtured them and grew them to […]

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Why so many job interviewers are terrible

Managers often think that they have reached a career level where they have been magically imbued with the gift of giving a good job interview. It doesn’t work that way. By Stephenie Overman FORTUNE — What songs best describe your work ethic? How many cows are in Canada? A penguin walks through that door right […]

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