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Technology in Human Resource Management (by Ally Orlandos)

What keeps the hospitality industry going, especially in hotels, are the employees. Human resources (HR) have become an important asset to many hospitality businesses. Since workers in a hospitality business are the ones who make connections with the guests and make sales, it is very critical to keep the employees happy. Finding the right employee […]

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5 Hotels that Make a Positive Impact

National Volunteer Week celebrates the impact of volunteer service. In the hospitality world, responsible travel and voluntourism (a combination of volunteering and tourism) are becoming increasingly popular, and catering to this travel trend is an all-around win. The community thrives, the guests partake in an authentic “feel-good” experience and the hotel benefits from great publicity. To […]

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What You Think Doesn’t Matter

As a hotelier, you may think you have seen it all (or maybe know it all), but that is not the case. The hospitality industry and how you convince guests to book is changing at warp speed and the only way to keep up is to listen to your guests. One way to do this is by […]

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Freelance Friday – Sheryl Nance-Nash, Upscale Magazine

This month we’re featuring Sheryl Nance-Nash, Associate Editor of Upscale Magazine. Sheryl specializes in travel, business and personal finance. She began her reporting career at the New York Law Journal and also held several staff positions at Daily Finance and Money before transitioning into a freelance role. She now writes for several publications including U.S. […]

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How soon will Airbnb become another Expedia or Priceline?

Airbnb profits the idea of letting travelers rent a lodging facility or extra space from a local resident rather than a traditional hotel. While P2P (peer-to-peer) room-sharing services still remain to be Airbnb’s core business at this point, the company is aiming for something bigger — Airbnb wants to be a travel enterprise. If that’s […]

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