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Is Your Hotel Prepared for Google+?

Amazing! Spectacular! Unprecedented! Phenomenal! All words used to describe the meteoric rise in the number of registered users of Google+, the new social media service from your friends at the Internet’s #1 search engine. In fact, in a little over two weeks Google+ reached 10 million registered users – a feat that took Twitter and […]

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Will Expedia & Groupon Turn Your Hotel Into A Commodity?

When travelers sign up for the new Groupon Getaways with Expedia they are told this is the best thing to happen to travel since the inflatable neck pillow. That may be true for the traveler, but what does it mean for your hotel? Could the Expedia/Groupon combination turn your hotel rooms into a commodity like […]

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How People Search For Travel

What the Cornell study shows is that people spend an enormous amount of time researching hotels, performing as many as 150 searches or visiting travel-related sites in excess of 50 times. That’s probably more time than most teenagers spend on Facebook in a week.

And if you focus only on the OTAs, the average consumer makes 12 visits, searches through nearly eight pages each time and spends an hour looking through 90 pages of content.

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Will TripAdvisor Disappear?

Last week when Expedia announced that it was spinning off TripAdvisor there was a lot of speculation as to what it meant for hoteliers. At the same time many investors were wondering how owning a piece of the travel industry’s 800 pound gorilla would improve the performance of their portfolio.

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Breaking the Hotel Addiction to OTAs

There are many things in life that, when used in moderation, are fun and even good for you. Chocolate, wine and sex are good examples. However, when taken to excess they can become addictive and hazardous to your physical and financial health. The same holds true in hospitality… Online travel agencies (OTAs) are a valuable […]

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